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Why is it more expensive than grocery store pork?

Because it is awesomer. Pure and simple, our pork is fed the best feed available in the area (and costs more than twice as much as conventional feed) and is not raised in confinement housing.

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Where do you get your piglets from?

This year we got our piglets from a farmer near Pembroke Ontario. I was impressed with how the animals were treated at this farm and how well all his animals were cared for.

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Where are your pigs raised?

We raise our pigs on our farm outside of Renfrew Ontario. In the spring, they have access to the barn and outside alike. Once they are old enough or weather is better, they move out to our forest and pastured paddocks.

There they have their feeders and fresh clean water at all times. They can express their full pigginess there playing in the forest, digging up roots and grubs and having a grand ole time.

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Why do you not certify organic?

We do plan to at one point. The issue is the cost of certifying. We have met with a couple of certifiers this year and the cost would be over $100 per pig for this year. This cost per pig goes down significantly as we raise more pigs, but at our current scale, it does not make sense.

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Are you certified organic?

We are not certified organic. We feed our pigs certified organic feed. The only piece of criteria we do not meet at this point is getting our piglets from a sow that was fed certified organic feed for the last 2-3 months of gestation. We exceed all other standards for certified organic..

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What are your pigs fed?

Our pigs are fed primarily certified organic feed from Homestead Organics. They also get apples, acorns and veggies from our garden and forest.

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Do you use antibiotics or hormones?

Nope. Never have. That said, if we had a pig with pneumonia and it was slowly dying, would I have it treated with an antibiotic to make it better? Yes. We do not have antibiotics added to any feed nor do we provide them proactively at all.

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Does your pork taste better than store bought?

Damn straight it does! You know how when you buy pork chops from the store, they are almost white and you have to soak them in BBQ sauce to make them better? Yeah, you do not have to do that with ours :-). Freaking delicious!

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