Our First Farmers Market… In a LONG time.

This past weekend Tania and I signed up for the Cobden Christmas Farmers Market. We decided this was a good first market for us to shake things out at before we move on to other markets. The market was to be held on Friday Dec 1st (12:- 8:30) and Saturday Dec 2nd (9:00 – 4:00).

With me having a day job, Tania, Thomas (my 9 year old) and Josephine (my 7 month old) had the day shift while my daughter Evelyn stayed with my mother. We had a surprise visit right off the bat from a friend in Ottawa, so that started things off right. The afternoon was a bit slow but allowed Tania to tweak the signage and display.

I raced to the market after work and picked up Evelyn on the way. Tania, Evelyn and Josephine had tickets to ballet so they needed to Leave and Thomas and I had evening shift. The little man did 8 hours at the market that day and was a real champ.

That evening things picked up and there were some good crowds. We were able to sell some pork and hopefully made some people happy. I decided that our signage needed to be improved, so that was something I need to work on when I got home. I say that, but Thomas and I got home and were both chilled. We ate leftovers and samosas we bought at the market and watched a bit of TV. It was a long day.

Next Morning, I tweaked the signage, loaded up the car and headed back to the market. As a meat vendor, it is hard to attract people to your stand sometimes. Veggie farmers can show off the gorgeous colourful veggies they grow, and other vendors can show off what they are selling. All my stuff is Frozen in coolers behind me.

We decided to bring the electric skillet up and fry up some sausage to attract people to the stand.  That seemed to work better as people would come over and I could strike up a conversation. While I am not really shy, I need to work on my sales pitch better.

Anyway, this market was a good test drive for us. Even though the market was more geared to crafts and baking, we did okay for our first time in a while. We met some wonderful people and the vendors we had around us were supportive and just fun people. Overall, a good couple of days.