Pigs Before Board Games

Some days the animals have to come first. And sometimes it’s at the most inopportune times like at the end of a long day of work when it’s 36 degrees and you’ve promised your son you’ll play a board game with him.

Today the pigs destroyed the pallet holding their water spout which left alone would mean before long they’d have destroyed their source of water altogether.

These are baaaad pigs!

So instead of a board game Patrick and Thomas headed out to repair the mess the pigs made! Luckily we had all the necessary items needed to make the repair relatively quick (and we had popsicles in the freezer to reward the hot workers after!). Thomas distracted the pigs by spraying water (pigs love playing in water!) while Patrick replaced the pallet & moved their water source over some (pigs are curious and love to get in the way).

New pallet – watering system is like new! You can see at the top is where the hose is coming in from the well, at the bottom of the post is a bite valve that releases water when the pigs bite it. They learn this incredibly quickly and it guarantees they always have fresh, clean water and we don’t waste as much.
Piggy giving a demonstration of the waterer.

We’ve been using the lawn mower with a trailer as a quick farm vehicle to haul stuff about and tonight Thomas learned how to drive it! That is one very happy boy there! Board game will wait until tomorrow night!

Watch out – new driver! Check out that grin!